Special-steel Bell Clappers

The bell clappers from Rosswag let the biggest church bells in Europe ring

The biggest Open-die Forge in southern Germany

We forge technological advances since 1911


Our know-how is trusted

More than 100 Years of Experience

Working with more than 400 materials

Secure Mobility

Thanks to the forging technology at Rosswag

We Get Down to Business

And innovate from tradition

Do you aim high?

Our forged parts accompany you

Mechanical Finishing

In more than 30 CNC-finishing centres

Forged Parts from Rosswag take you above the Clouds

Thanks to certification authority TÜV SÜD, Edelstahl Rosswag has the Aircraft Certification EN 9100: 2009. Karsten Xander, executive board member from TÜV SÜD AG handed the Cert...

German Raw Material Efficiency Award 2016

The German Federal Ministry For Economy and Energy will give The German Raw Material Efficiency Award (deutsche Rohstoffeffizienz-Preis). The recycling of forging-residues through additive hybride ...

Winner at German Handicrafts Performance Competition

Our once trainee Stefan Fely completed his training as Metalworker this year. For his extraordinary examination piece, Mr. Fely became the first chamber champion at the German Handicrafts Performan...


Freiform Schmiede Edelstahl Rosswag

Industrial Forging

We produce open-die forging components, rolled rings, disks, perforated disks, bars, bushings, shafts, flanges, custom-made parts for the industry. Our forged parts can be found in industrial machinery, aircrafts, aerospacial technology, trains, turbines, ships...




More than a 100 Years of Experience

Edelstahl Rosswag is the biggest open-die forge in Southern Germany and has experience and know-how by working with more than 400 different materials.



Heat treatment at Edelstahl Rosswag

Specific Heat Treatments

We select the best type of heat treatment according to the application of your forged parts and therefore provide them with the required material properties.



CNC Processing


We offer you a high-quality and precise mechanical processing almost in every shape and size to finish your product. We have more than 30 CNC-processing centres.




Forged Components for the Industry

In Edelstahl Rosswag we produce high quality forged parts for the industry and for high-tech products. We specialize in prototypes, pilot series, custom-made parts and forged components for heavy loads, massive pressure and the highest security.



Selektives Laserschmelzen Rosswag Engineering

3D Metal Printing

Selective Laser Melting (SLM, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, LaserCUSING, Additive Layer Manufacturing) is a generative manufacturing process towards producing components in metal. Amid SLM we produce prototypes, tooling or small batches directly from our 3D CAD data.



Quality assurance

Quality First

Our qualified personnel examines each product thoroughly. Provided with the most important certifications and authorizations, we meet the highest quality standards.



Bell Clappers Rosswag

Special-Steel Bell Clappers

The bell clappers produced by Edelstahl Rosswag ring the bells in the Cathedral in Cologne, Our Lady's Church in Dresden, the Imperial Cathedral in Speyer, the Cathedral in Strasbourg and the St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna.



eschmiedete Kunst

Artwork from the Forging Press

A forging press can also be used for designing art, as Edelstahl Rosswag demonstrates with the sculptures by tyrolean artist Markus Strieder.



Ausbildung bei Edelstahl Rosswag

Great Training

As experienced training organization, we open our doors for diverse professional posibilities. Wether as Metal Worker, Precision Mechanic or Office Administrator, you can apply today for a professional training at Edelstahl Rosswag.